Delusions of Grandeur

by Justin Brown

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released June 24, 2012




Justin Brown Westborough, Massachusetts

i am a fraud
i am nothing
i am a lil sumpin

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Track Name: Soon Enough
I know that you'll soon grow tired.
I've wasted my time setting stages and fires,
but soon enough you'll be here.
And at last, my thoughts: they'll be clear.
Track Name: Where To Start
I'm not sorry for the things you didn't want me to say to you, I'll say them to you.

I'm killing time and splitting headaches as your head shakes. It's hard to say why I am this way.

My mouth is dryer than the desert on the hottest of summer days, (those summer days).

Too many of those days have passed thinking maybe you'll change your ways, (just change your ways).

I'll try to tell you why you caught my eye and caught my foolish heavy heart, but it's just too hard when there are many miles keeping us apart.

I wouldn't know where to start.